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Strep A and Scarlet Fever

Here is some information on signs and symptoms to look out for regarding Strep A and Scarlet Fever.

The Pre-School is now open

Good morning everyone. The Pre-School is now open after yesterday's closure. Please be careful as you come in as the footpaths are very icy.

January 2021

At this present moment in the pandemic where the virus is on the rise, learning packs will be given out to the children who are at home....

Christmas Holidays 2020

Hello everyone, The Pre School will close for the Christmas holidays on Friday 18th December 2020 for all children and will re-open on...

Pre School Virtual Tour

We have created a virtual tour of our Pre School to give you a brief insight of what it is like to be part of Denbigh Pre School.

Coronavirus Update 2020

Hello everyone! We hope you all are safe, well and protected. The Pre School is open and has been fighting through this pandemic. To...


Welcome everyone, to our new blog! This is a new social platform in which will have updated information concerning the Pre School. We aim...

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